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Foreign trade import and export

According to statistics: in 2008, the international financial crisis in the background, the ningguo city import and export still keep a steady and fast growth, the total volume of imports and exports reached 199 million us dollars, up by 46.4%, with export 168 million us dollars, up 54.4%.

In recent years, the ningguo highly foreign trade import and export, promote foreign trade import and export as to speed up the development, improve opening up is the important measure to grasp, actively develop new foreign trade growth point. In 2008, the city of new the right of import and export enterprise 8 home, at present had 137 enterprises obtain the right of import and export. At the same time, through the policy effect of the ningguo gathered themselves together, and encourage enterprises to firm the confidence, expanding international trade amount. Especially in the fourth quarter last year in response to the global financial crisis, the city on the ningguo ?

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